Anonymous Congress Member Makes Hilarious Wiki Edits from a Government Computer

The online reference everyone goes to first is Wikipedia. There’s a good reason for that. The definitive statements you find there relating to concepts, objects, institutions, individuals and businesses and more, including references and citations to rely upon, are what Wikipedia provides – and has been providing – since the first days of the internet. Folks have found Wikipedia’s information to be reliable, partly because anyone at all can enter new information or edit information already there.

Writing for SFGate on August 19, 2016, Katie Dowd’s article “The weirdest, funniest and most nefarious Wikipedia page edits made from Congress,” draws attention to a great benefit of an open-source program providing massive amounts of information is also related to one of the online strategies for ensuring the highest level of reliability of that information. One of the tactics for encouraging greater accuracy and transparency in government – for any country – is the possibility to allow new and additional information to be submitted anonymously by various Wikipedia editors, but with the specific internet protocol address that is assigned only to the Legislative body of Congress – or whatever the corresponding branch of that country’s government, if observed elsewhere.

Dowd’s article features a few dozen Wiki edits made specifically to photographs, which seem to be very straightforward. You may want to see for yourself the kinds of corrections made by individuals who are employed, at some level, in the U.S. Congress.

On the subject of proper editing, writing for the Observer in the area of education and technology, Brady Dale reports about another fail-safe method that Wikipedia employs. Aaron Halfaker and the Wikimedia Foundation explain the need for the artificial intelligence capacity known as the Objective Revision Evlauation Service, which determines what changes  are eligible for publication when someone decides to edit a Wikipedia page: “I think we who engineer tools for social communities, have a responsibility to the communities we are working with to empower them.”

The general public now contributes on a voluntary basis financially, for the privilege of using this very valuable resource. Some folks who are very familiar with Wikipedia have now made themselves available to the public as independent professional Wikipedia writers.

Services at Get Your Wiki more than fit the bill precisely, for those who could use some professional help and hire a Wikipedia expert to create the Wikipedia page for one’s own business or professional services, or for those who may need some assistance with editing for accuracy. at Wikipedia. Additional information is available at the Get Your Wiki website.

Manse on Marsh and Why It Is Unique

The Manse on Marsh is a senior community development center in San Luis Obispo County, California that was born to meet the needs of the community. It was born through a consultative process with the community. The main source of information for the facility is information that is gotten from the community through surveys. The information is used to tailor and create services that seek to meet the needs of the market. The needs of the market are determined through collection of data from the community. The huge success of Manse on Marsh is attributable to the quality service provided at the facility. The services are tailored to meet the needs of the community.

The staff members at the facility are friendly and well trained. They all have a passion for the elderly. The staff members seek to enrich the lives of the residents. The residents also enjoy each other’s company. The environment is designed in such a manner that the residents have their privacy and they also have a chance to interact with each other and enjoy the benefits of social interactions.

The staff members are readily available to the residents. The residents have a pendant that they use to contact the staff members. The caregivers and medical practitioners are on call throughout the day and night. This is because Manse on Marsh prides itself in providing a safe environment for its residents. The health of the residents is top priority to the facility.

Manse on Marsh has received many awards over the years. It has been used as a model facility for the development of other senior community development facilities. The residents are also taken care of with regards to housekeeping. Cleaning services are provided for the residents. Activities are also arranged so as to ensure that the residents are active and happy. Manse on Marsh seeks to normalize the stay of the residents as much as it can. It seeks to make the transition easy for both the residents and their families. The goal of the facility is to ensure that the residents live a dignified and fulfilled life.  Be sure to check them out on Facebook too, where you can learn more about the facilities at large.

Goettl Air Conditioning for Professional Service


When it comes to your home’s air conditioning, it is very important that you are using the company that you can thoroughly trust when the hot weather comes to your area. The reason for this is because when your air conditioner kicks the bucket, you need to know that you are able to rely on a company that can get to your home quickly to repair the damages that has been done. Goettl Air Conditioning is one of the best options out there and has been a wonderful company for many people who need help with their own air conditioning needs whether at home or for their businesses.

Goettl Air Conditioning and The Sunny Plumber: Good Deed Brings Cool Relief

The Goettl Air Conditioning company has been in business for many years and has worked with thousands of different people on their air conditioning needs. The fact that this company knows the ins and outs of HVAC systems makes them one of the best in the business and it is why you should consider contacting them if you are having problems with your air conditioning as well. You might also want to contact this company if you are trying to get a system installed for your home or business to begin with and do not want to do the work on your own.

The way this company works is by coming out to your home and installing or repairing the air conditioning system that you want or already have. This is going to save you tons of time because you do not have to worry about doing it on your own and having problems with it in the meantime. The Goettl Air Conditioning company is a great option for anyone who needs this type of work done and the owner and operator of the company known as Ken Goodrich is a wonderful HVAC professional who has years of experience in the field. In fact, this company was recently talked about in the Las Vegas Informer about their services and Prime options for those looking for this type of work.

Make sure that if you were going to be working on any type of air conditioning issue you contact the Goettl Air Conditioning company so that they can come out to your home or place of business to work for you. Their competitive rates make them a prime option for those who need this type of work done but do not want to spend a fortune for it. Make sure you contact the company well in advance so that you know they are able to come out to your home and provide the care to your air conditioning system that it needs.

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Taking The High Road With Reputation Management

The business world is very tricky, especially when it comes to altercations. There are often times when people are going to be faced with something that could ruin their lives. Often times, people who are prominent for any reason will have their online reputation at risk. They have to watch their step. Often times, they don’t even have to do anything wrong for someone to say something bad about them. There is often the possibility that the bad thing that was said will catch on. As a result, the person will have a digital crisis on his hand. It is important to know what to do when faced with such a crisis.

The most important thing to do is take the high road. It is not a good idea to get dragged into any mess. The better thing to do would be to focus more on offering products and services to the satisfied customers while paying little attention to the attacker. Also, it is important to get some kind of plan of action together in order to handle any bad search results that pop up. This may include finding an online reputation management firm to clean up the search results.

Among the online reputation management firms to look into for removing bad search results is There are plenty of experts that work in this firm that are highly skilled at providing optimized content for search engines so that any bad information is eventually removed from the front page. Meanwhile, the client must continue to offer greater products and services to customers so that they can see that the client is not as bad as the information presented will lead them to believe. As continues to clean up search results and provide its services to the client, the business will slowly grow back to the level it was before.

With online reputation management, it is much better to be proactive. That way, people business owners will have a much better time keeping their company operational. If they continue to provide good services, then they will have a solid reputation within their communities.

Find Search Cleanup on Facebook to learn more about their services.

Kenneth Goodgame Creates Fundamental Needs

Kenneth Goodgame, the Chief Marketing Officer at True Value Company says “To reach people, the first step is to understand them.” To sell products, it’s important to understand human behavior, which can be confusing, complicated and even daunting. “You have to understand psychology and how our environment influences attitudes and behavior.” Oftentimes, vendors with the best product will not snag the order, but usually the vendor who knows more about the customer, or the psychology of the customer does.

Kenneth Goodgame creates fundamental needs. A process that entails everything from product concept to production and after-sales servicing. How do you package, label, promote, advertise in a way that creates a customer want it and need that specific product? Goodgame possesses the expertise that not only takes the product to market, but creates the fan-dom to develop profitability. Ones that consumers will pay anything to get. “Products flood the market everyday but the key is to convey a compelling message that attracts customers to your product, and even convert the non-believers,” says Goodgame. Honing a successful product requires the CMO to oversee development, production, advertising, marketing and the sales which will be valued and wanted by the customer, and Goodgame has refined this recipe for success.

Every product requires a strategic framework to position for greatness, and although initially a product may not seem like a winner, creativity can change that. Who knew bottled water in the 1970s would become a mega hit, especially when tap water was supposedly safe and free. Understanding the force behind customer knowledge and the decision-making process can skyrocket a product.

Having spent much of his career dealing with research and development and product launch, Kenneth Goodgame has become the ideal representative for brand marketing. After a varied career, including success at Home Depot from 1995 to 2002, Goodgame was appointed President at Rubbermaid in 2004. Under his leadership, he instituted a number of successful initiatives including a guaranteed contract with Wal-Mart, and new partnerships that led to national campaigns. In 2010, Goodgame joined True Value and his dynamism and driving ambition has been the keys behind their success.

Talk Fusion: Be Part of the 10 Percent

There is a stat on the Talk Fusion website that really says it all when you boil it down to it. It says that 90 percent of people are unhappy with their jobs, their income, their boss, and the way they live their life. That is a lot of unhappy people. However, as with most things in life, there is hope and there is a chance for change. You don’t have to be stuck in that position anymore. You can join the 10 percent that is happy, living life to the fullest, and getting the most they can out of their days.

With Talk Fusion, created by founder and CEO Bob Reina, he speaks about changing lives. That is a bold statement, but when Bob Reina says something, he doesn’t just say it for show. He truly means it and stands behind it all the way until the end. They also discuss living your dream lifestyle. Everyone wants to live their dream lifestyle and look forward to their days and look forward to what lies ahead. Talk Fusion offers a lot of benefits and a lot of things that make it worth your time and worth your money. One of the things they discuss is the idea of being your boss.

Earlier, it was discussed the idea of how people are unhappy with their boss. Sometimes when someone is a boss, they can be on a power trip and it can really go their head. It can make life really unpleasant for you and really hard to get through as you try to deal with it the best you can. At the end of the day, it is just too much. That is why you can do things differently as a boss and only answer to yourself.

They have an instant pay compensation plan. Whatever you have earned through your own hard work, you get it this instant. You don’t have to wait weekly or monthly like some companies.

If you have done the work and have earned the money, why shouldn’t you be rewarded? It is only fair. Talk Fusion is all about things being fair and things being equal and on the same page for everyone.

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Talk Fusion Review – Legit Company or Scam?

Studying Eric Pulier’s Life

The use of technology can give any one individual a big advantage in the modern world. Knowing someone such as Eric Pulier is a good example of this.

Eric Pulier was born and raised in Teaneck, New Jersey. It was clear from his youth that computers and technology were his area of expertise because he had begun programming them as early as the fourth grade. He took it even further by starting his own database company while he was in high school. From there he went on to attend Harvard University in 1984, majoring in English and American literature while taking other classes in computer and environmental studies. He graduated from Harvard in 1988, while also working as an editor for the school’s newspaper, the Harvard Crimson.

After wrapping up his collegiate studies, Pulier moved across the country to Los Angeles in 1991 and started off his career by founding People Doing Things (PDT) that year. PDT was a company that was able to address issues such as health care, education and economics by using the technology that was available. PDT was only the first of many different technologically-based companies that Pulier was involved with, and founded several more, including Digital Evolution in 1994, Akana in 2001, Media Platform Inc in 2007, ServiceMesh Inc in 2008 and most recently, vAtomic Systems Inc in 2015.

Aside from using technology to found and run his own companies, Eric Pulier is also a well known philanthropist and humanitarian. For instance, Pulier was able to create a multimedia program for educational purposes to teach people with multiple sclerosis about their disease for the Multiple Sclerosis Society. Because of this, his work opened the door for people of all backgrounds to use their own home computers to educate themselves about other diseases through the use of multimedia. Pulier is also a known advocate for better education, a prime example being his support for the Campaign for Free College Tuition. The campaign, which is run by a former policy advisor to Vice President Al Gore is geared towards providing free college and tuition to all Americans.


Entrepreneur John Goullet and Pincipal of Diversant, LLC

Diversant LLC is America’s biggest African-American owned IT Staffing and resolutions firm founded by entrepreneur Gene C. Waddy and is an vivid image of Gene C. Waddy’s extensive proficiency, his impetus and his adherence to assisting others.They established an Advisory Board to indulge in the navigation of senior executive directors who are not participating in the daily functions of the firm.

The Board is comprised of corporations,leaders and marketing professionals who offer suggestions and counseling on issues encompassing commercial development and critical planning, They assemble on a regular basis along with the leadership unit of Diversant LLC to analyze and scrutinize current market situations as well as potential future assessments.

Diversant has flourished significantly and earned the acclaimed distinction for exceptional merit within the Fortune 200 companies. Original and inventive divergent resolutions define Diversant.

John Goullet is an entrepreneur who has scored in the expansion of fortunate and lucrative thriving endeavors in the IT domain. He started his professed pursuits employed as an IT adviser and subsequently stepping into IT Staffing in 1994, where he became Chief Executive Officer.

Due to his vast comprehension of transpiring market uncertainty along with his positive outcomes in past undertakings, he created Information Technologies an AI staffing company whose focal point is on furnishing solutions for Fortune 500 companies from coast to coast. During the first five years Information Technologies escalated to $30M placing it in the number eight spot on Inc. Magazine listing of 500 hastily escalating firms in the private sector nationwide.

After such success and recognition in 2010 John Goullet and Gene C. Waddy integrated Information Technologies and Diversant establish Diversant LLC.

John Goullet is continuing to follow his enthusiasm for processing new channels of confronting the diverse probabilities in the constant progressive IT realm.

Prior to becoming the Principal and Chairman of Diversant LLC, he was a computer authority at Computed Sciences Corp. from 1981 to 1983 and an IT Staffing account administrator from 1983 to 1986 at Castell Corp. He was also employed by Third Information Services from 1986 to 1987, TSR Consultants from 1987 to 1990 and Cap Gemini America from 1990 to 1994.

John Goullet attended Ursinis College in Philadelphia, Penn. From 1979 to 1983.

Keeping the family close

Securus technology is a company that offers families a way to stay in touch with their loved ones while they are in jail. They can be there in the moment with their kids, siblings, parents, grandparents and even friends. To be able to see your loved ones and know that they are ok can help with the fact that they are imprisoned and not coming home at night. Being able to log on and see your child’s smiling face or tell your significant other that you love them can mean the world to them and their family. To see an example of how Securus technology helps families stay together click this video link. In this video, the guy was able to video chat with his family and not misses out on important days such as birthdays or holidays. He even got to see his kid’s new puppy. Being there for your kids can mean the difference between them growing and thriving or not. With this video chat system, parents can be there for their kids. They will be available for them to talk to and just getting to see their parent can help make it easier knowing they are gone. For some people, this video chat is the only way they can see their loved one. Being sentenced to life in prison can mean that they will never see their family again, but Securus makes it easier for them to have a more normal life. Seeing daddy in a prison is a lot different than seeing daddy on a video chat from the safety and comfort of their home.
In order to use Securus technology, an account must be set up. Once the account has been set up online, you would go on and schedule a time to use the video chat to see your loved one. This video chat can allow them to be present in not only the best days but the worst. They could be present for family weddings, holidays and even be able to see their loved one take their last breath. All of which are very important events whether good or bad in a person’s life, that if imprisoned they normally would have missed out on. Securus is paving the way for new opportunities. Being able to keep your family involved can be very important, especially if they are a parent. Kids tend to suffer when one of the parents is absent in their life, but with this video chatting they can stay involved with their parenting duties and enjoy life as their families grow. Secures technology is helping families everywhere stay together.

Securus Video Visitation – Everyday from Securus Technologies on Vimeo.